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Some of the main functions of PTAS include:

1)  Keeps track of time and expenses associated with projects or clients.

2)  Automatically generates invoices for clients based on logged time and expenses.

3)  Tracks bank account balances, enabling you to stay on top of your financials.

4)  Maintains a list of clients with associated links to projects and other elements.

5)  Provides a repository for documents and forms related to projects, clients and other modules.

6)  Handles multiple currencies, making it easier to invoice international clients in their preferred currency.

7)  Generates detailed reports of all financial aspects of your company, giving you a clear picture of your financials and helping you to make better business decisions.

8)  It's all integrated in one system which makes it easy to navigate and manage all financial aspects of your business.

9)  You can set up different access levels for different team members making it easy to collaborate and delegate tasks.

For more information on PTAS, participate in the PTAS project, or download the latest release, refer to the Source Forge project page here:

Project Tracking & Accounting System

Version 2 Now available

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Time Reporting

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Manage your business with ease!

PTAS brings together time reporting, expenses, and invoicing into one central platform. It is designed to simplify and streamline the processes of small businesses.

The Project Tracking and Accounting System (PTAS) is a comprehensive, integrated database that enables you to keep track  of your small projects and client groups. It is suitable for use by a wide range of professionals, including:

"Anyone who puts in time and expenses and issues invoices should be using PTAS"




Small to medium sized businesses

Independant contractors

'Gig' Workers and other service providers.

PTAS is a Filemaker solution and runs on Filemaker Pro (MAC & Windows), Filemaker Go (iPAD) and Filemaker server/cloud for web browser access.

PTAS Overview