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R-TAS is a tool for small to medium scale property management. Its provides a simple and straight forward way of managing:

          Rental Units





The system also produces basic summary reports to assist with accounting and tax reporting.

Other features of the system include:

          Intuitive and user friendly interface

          Automatic PDF generation of invoices and email sending to tenants

          Open source code for easy modification

          Developed in Filemaker pro

          Can be run as stand alone single user or shared over web

For more information on RTAS, participate in the RTAS project, or download the latest release, refer to the Source Forge project page here:

Rental Tracking & Accounting System

Version 1.0B4 Now available

Check out the How to Videos

RTAS Overview

See how R-TAS performs as as a Web App. Click on the link to access a live demo of the web version of the RTAS database. Hosting is provided by Taroko Cloud Service.

You will need to log in. Test usernames for RTAS demo are:

    User: Jane  Pass: Sigma2020

    User: Dan  Pass: Sigma2020

Web Hosting Demo

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