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Satsuma is a sheet music organizer and media manager for iPad.

Say goodby to paper sheets laying around and getting lost. Store your sheet music in Satsuma and use it for reading and playing. Main features include:

-Storage and display of sheet music files

-Tap to turn page

-Random play list generator

-Sheet set editor and loader

-Store related videos, mp3s and web links with each song

Introduction to Satsuma

Satsuma run inside Filemaker Go for iPad. You can download it free directly from the app store, or use the step 1 link

Your iPad will ask you what to do with the download. Select the option to open with Filemaker Go

Sheet Music Organizer & Resource Center

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Free Download

Download Satsuma in two simple steps:

Step 1 -

Step 2 -

Check out the How to Video