Taroko Systems International

About Us

TSI is an independent software developer specializing in complex process management systems.

Most solutions are built in Claris Pro and designed to Run on Filemaker Server. All software is released as open source under the GNU-General Public License and are available either on their own web page or Source Forge Project page.

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Current Projects


A multi-faceted project management database for use on large engineering projects. Sigma is industrial grade, battle hardened and well proven. Various branches of Sigma have been in use for almost 20 years. Principle modules include document management, punch/DRACAS tracking, correspondence tracking, integrated programable workflows, requirements management etc. Refer to the project page for more information.


A user friendly version control system for documents and other digital files.


A rental income, invoicing and cost tracking system for landlords and small property management companies.


A sheet music manager and media organizer for IOS. Organizes and presents sheet music for easy playing. Enter new sheets directly or via the iPad camera. Store associated files for each song such as mp3 or videos. Runs via Filemaker Go for iPad.


A small scale project management tool for trades and consultants. Track hours, expenses, quotes etc. Generate invoices and accounting reports.


A point of sale and material tracking system. Generate customer invoices and produce accounting reports. Advanced features for inventory management including backorders, restocking alerts, history reporting etc.